Vue d'un puisard pour un épuisement de surface

Surface Dewatering

When the environment of the area of works permits, we set up a surface dewatering device, generally provided for a limited pumping flow rate

Surface dewatering is recommended for low permeability ground. It enables the capture of the water table water into trenches filled with drainage blankets connected to sumps.

Setting up this pumping technique will depend on several factors: geology, lowering height, adjoining structures and the overall environment of the site.

Schéma rabattement de nappe par épuisement de surface
  • Analysis and design: particular specifications, contractors tendering file, breakdown of total price, declaration of intention to commence works, local authority inspection visit etc.
  • Setting up sumps
  • Creating a draining blanket and/or draining trenches
  • Installation of a submersible pump inside each sump
  • Installation of the dewatering network
  • Commissioning the pumps
Surface Dewatering 1
Surface Dewatering 2
Surface Dewatering 3