Pompe GIES

Industrial Pump Hire

Specific pumps for industry, process waters and chemical, pasty, viscous and corrosive effluents

Delta Service Location has developed extensive experience in the design and implementation of temporary pumping solutions on industrial sites. Knowledge of your needs and the specific requirements of each industry has allowed us to put together a wide range of pumps dedicated to industrial effluents, to meet the needs of various applications:

  • Water supply for industrial processes
  • Pumping in ATEX zone or controlled atmosphere
  • Water supply for cooling and fire protection systems
  • Drinking water pressure boosting
  • Transfer of effluents between ponds
  • Circulation of chemical effluents or polluted effluents
  • Agitation, aeration, homogenisation
  • Bypassing waste water collectors or disposal of industrial effluents
  • Emptying & filling storage or decantation ponds
  • Desilting and dredging of decantation lagoons and ponds
Industrial Pump Hire

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  • Wide choice among the best brands: BBA, Dragflow, Flygt, Grundfos, Hidrostal, KSB, Lowara, Pedrollo, Pioneer, Selwood, Sulzer, Toyo, Tsurumi, Versamatic, and many others
  • Technologies suited to the type of effluent: centrifugal pumps, axial pumps, volumetric pumps (piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps, vane pumps, geared pumps, lobe pumps, screw pumps, helical pumps, etc.)
  • Various models of impellers: helical, open single channel, open or closed multi-channel, mixed flow, cutter, vortex etc.
  • Manual or automatic starting: dry contact, timer operation, level regulation, programmable machines
  • Electrical models up to 2.4 kW for a single phase 230 V supply and up to 150 kW for a triple phase 400V supply
  • Canopied and sound-proofed diesel driven pumps compliant with European standards
  • The autonomy of diesel driven pumps may be increased as desired with our external fuel tanks

ATEX Pump Hire for Industry

Diaphragm pumps
Submersible pumps
Surface-mounted pumps
Reference Max flow rate Max height Max air pressure Clearance Dimensions Weight
Pompe ATEX à membrane Versamatic E2
Pump E2
42 m³/h 87 m 8.5 bar 6.4 mm L: 0.35 m
W: 0.42 m
H: 0.68 m
30 kg
Pompe ATEX à membrane Versamatic U2
Pump U2
44 m³/h 84 m 8.5 bar 6 mm L: 0.32 m
W: 0.51 m
H: 0.77 m
30 kg
Pompe ATEX à membrane Versamatic E3
Pump E3
53 m³/h 86 m 8.5 bar 9.5 mm L: 0.38 m
W: 0.51 m
H: 0.82 m
49 kg
Other models available on request

Petrochemical Industries Pump Hire

We provide you with diesel surface pump models for your needs on hazardous industrial sites with specific safety requirements. These motorised pumps are fitted with a built-in spark arrester, a butterfly valve on the admission, an emergency stop, a battery isolator switch and a fire-extinguisher.
Our pumps are canopied and sound-proofed, but also fitted with a retention vat.

  • Max flow rate: 900 m³/h
  • Max height: 203 m
  • Clearance: 76 mm
  • Dimensions: L: 4.40 m / W: 2.00 m / H: 2.60 m
  • Weight: 7 250 kg
Petrochemical Industries Pump Hire

Corrosive Chemical Sludge Pumps hire

A range of pumps specially designed to pump waste water as well as corrosive muds. Some models are fitted with a jet ring that allows muds to be destructured or put the particles in suspension.

  • Max flow rate: 398 m³/h
  • Max height: 30 m
  • Power consumption: 22 kW
  • Clearance: 100 mm
  • Dimensions: L: 1.00 m / H: 1.51 m
  • Weight: 680 kg
Corrosive Chemical Sludge Pumps hire

Process Pump Hire for Acids and Alkalis

Vertical multistage centrifugal pumps allow various industrial applications to be processed, and particularly the circulation of acidic-alkaline fluids, oils and alcohols over a wide range of temperatures (from -30 to +120° C).

  • Max flow rate: 41 m³/h
  • Max height: 187 m
  • Power consumption: 20 kW
  • Dimensions: L: 0.35 / W: 0.35 / H: 1.20 m
  • Weight: 107 kg excluding frame
Process Pump Hire for Acids and Alkalis

Lobe Pump Hire for Viscous Effluents

Lobe pumps are an ideal response to the viscosity of food, chemical and industrial fluids, whatever their thickness, pastiness or stickiness. They have the advantage of being robust, reversible and provide a high pumping yield.

  • Max flow rate: 36 m³/h
  • Max height: 40 m
  • Power consumption: 3 kW
  • Dimensions: L: 1.00 / W: 0.65 / H: 0.55 m
  • Weight: 46 kg excluding frame
Lobe Pump Hire for Viscous Effluents
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The frequency of periodical maintenance is reinforced to keep our equipment in perfect operational condition. For extended usage, maintenance may be provided on your site by our engineers, in coordination with your teams, to avoid any impact on your work.



Our maintenance policy, in addition to periodical maintenance, consists of conducting numerous checkpoints for each hire return to guarantee optimum operation to every customer. This comprises dismantling of pumps, visual inspections and operational checks of hydraulic and electrical parts. For diesel driven pumps, add level checks, battery charge checks, visual and control inspections, and startup tests.

If necessary, our engineers will undertake breakdown diagnostics and replacement of parts, then the pumps are tank-tested to check their performance curves.