Solutions de pompage provisoires

Pumping Solutions

Find out about our pumping solutions for all types of application and effluents, developed from our vast stock of equipment made up of more than 2100 pumps and numerous accessories


Since 1980, we have been specialists in hiring equipment and designing pumping solutions suitable for all your needs. Listening to you and analysing your project allows us to design the best offer, whatever the size, from a simple dewatering pump on one site to provisional pumping stations for several tens of thousands of m³/h in demanding environments.

Our range of equipment comprises more than 300 different models of pump that are reliable and high performance, covering a large range of applications.

Other than by our high quality pumping materials, it is the expertise and dedication of our colleagues that sets us apart.


As well as hiring out our pumping equipment, we provide bespoke services from design of the project to operation of the equipment, to best meet your requirements.


When your pumping projects are complex and difficult to manage, trust us with the situation.

We will work out a turnkey solution comprising the equipment, labour, services and the result.

So, you deal with a single point of contact, capable of managing pumping installations for all types of application and effluent, and who knows how to adapt to the demands of their customers.

Pumping Solutions
Project Management
  • Scaling and design of temporary pumping stations
  • Taking into account flow rates, pressure, head losses, NPSH
  • Electrical power supply made available for an autonomous energy installation
  • Optimisation of fuel consumption
  • Taking into account the risks of pollution and environmental constraints
Pumping Solutions
Pumping Solutions
Pumping Solutions
Pumping Solutions
Pumping Solutions
Clean Water Pump Hire