Trailer-mounted Load Bank with a Transformer

Load Bank Hire

Rental of load banks from 230 kW to 3000 kVA for your generator tests, electrical installations, resistive, inductive or capacitive

As customer satisfaction is our priority, we regularly invest in a range of the latest loadbanks, reliable and high performance models to provide you with the most appropriate equipment for your requirements.

From the most compact models on castors to models in containers, our range of load banks for hire covers all operating modes (resistive, capacitive and inductive) and power factors. For this reason, they enable testing at partial load or full load, the operation of generators or any other generating equipment. They are also indispensable for checking the sustainability of an electrical installation (LVDB, transformer, inverter, etc.) or the effectiveness of an air conditioning system under real conditions.

Hiring load banks from Delta Service Location is hiring at clear and competitive rates.

Trailer-mounted Load Bank with a Transformer

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Load bank Hire

Power Operation Step Power factor Dimensions Weight
Banc de charge 230 kW
Load Bank 230 kW
Resistive 1 kW 1 L: 1.25 m
W: 0.8 m
H: 1.5 m
360 kg
Banc de charge 600 kW
Load Bank 600 kW
Resistive 5 kW 1 L: 2.21 m
W: 1.51 m
H: 1.95 m
900 kg
Banc de charge 1500 kVA
Load Bank 1 500 kVA
2 kW 0.9 Capacitive
1 Resistive
0.7 Inductive
L: 6.1 m
W: 2.4 m
H: 2.8 m
6500 kg
Banc de charge 3000 kVA
Load Bank 3 000 kVA
1 kW 1 Resistive
0.8 Inductive
L: 4.57 m
W: 2.44 m
H: 2.59 m
12000 kg
Other powers on request (up to 6 000 kVA)
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The frequency of maintenance is reinforced to keep our equipment in the best possible condition. When used for extended periods, maintenance may be provided on your site by our engineers.



Our maintenance policy consists of conducting numerous checkpoints for each hire return of each load bank to guarantee optimum operation to every customer. This includes checking the power steps, checks on electrical protections (switches, circuit breakers, fuses, emergency stop) and visual inspection of the busbars and the sheet metal. If necessary, our engineers shall conduct breakdown diagnostics and shall replace parts.