Construction d'un immeuble de bureaux

Construction of an Office Block

Lowering the water table by bleeder wells during construction of an office building with 2 basement levels


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Lyon (69)
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  • To construct a high-rise office block in the district of PART-DIEU, with 2 basement levels, the customer requested us to lower the alluvial water table present adjacent to the project, with the height to be reduced of 3.0 m on a surface of 3 500 m2.


  • Scaling the lowering of the water table by our internal hydrogeologist
  • Setting up 3 pumping wells at a depth of 12 m and 2 reinjection wells at a depth of 14 m
  • Diaphragm wall anchored into the molasse
  • Dewatering flow rate: 150 m³/h
  • Complete pumping installation:
    • Pumps
    • Dewatering network
    • Decantation before reinjection
    • Instrumentation
  • Direct recording of piezometric levels inside and outside of the diaphragm wall and pumped volumes, and monitored on a dedicated Internet platform
  • Remote monitoring of pumping with permanent on-call service
  • Overall duration: 12 months
Puits crépiné devant le butonnage
Terrassement en cours sur terrain sec
Bac de décantation avec puits de réinjection
Vue du terrassement depuis
Rabattement de nappe urbain à proximité des voies TGV
Vue plongeante depuis la grue sur le terrassement