HV Cell

High Voltage Cell Hire

Mobile distribution and protection solutions for HVA applications


Delta Service Location frequently works with its customers to deploy temporary High Voltage solutions. To ensure the greatest possible level of safety, we have a range of exclusive equipment dedicated to HVA installations, allowing electrical distribution to 22 kV compliant with NF C13-100 and NF C13-200 standards.

Depending on the installations, several types of protection are available. These protections make use of several technologies, such as neutral grounding resistors (also called neutral point coil or artificial neutral point) and homopolar protection such as the hompolar generator. Whether they are integrated in full containers or supplied separately, they ensure the protection of goods and persons, strictly adhering to French HVA standards in force.

HV Cell

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HVA protection and distribution Hire

HVA protection
High Voltage Cells
Reference Dimensions Weight
Générateur homopolaire HTA
Homopolar Generator
L: 2.99 m
W: 2.43 m
H: 2.59 m
6 000 kg
Résistance de neutre HTA
Neutral Grounding Resistor
L: 2.73 m
W: 2.19 m
H: 2.56 m
1 100 kg
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  • Double circuit breaker SM6
  • HVA circuit breaker SM6
  • SEPAM type protection relay
  • Circuit breaker switch SM6
  • Homopolar protection
  • Locking by keyways
  • Compliant with standards NF C15-100, NF C13-100 and NF C13-200



  • Containers secured to IP4X standards
  • Body rescue hook, non-contact voltage tester 3.5 kV to 30 kV, gloves and stool
  • HVA fuse-holder rack
  • Autonomous security lighting blocks and anti-panic door
  • Retention vat with automatic extinguishing for oil models

*depending on model