Barge DRP 120 en fonctionnement

Desilting and Dredging Barge Hire

Multifunctional remote-control barges for pumping operations in ports, ponds or mining ponds

Over time, water body can transform with the accumulation of silt and sediments on their bottom.
These environments are often complex and difficult to reach, so suitable equipment such as a barge may be needed to undertake cleaning operations: desilting, dredging or sludging.

Our remote-controlled barges have been designed to operate precisely in narrow and/or shallow basins.

They can be used for these specific applications:

  • desilting of storage pond/holding basin and industrial pools
  • lagooning of the pond
  • desilting and dredging on dams that are difficult to access
  • dredging and sludging on reduced areas of locks and canals
  • pumping and destructuration of mineral or organic muds in ponds
Desilting and Dredging Barge Hire

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Desilting and Dredging Barge Hire

Remote-controlled barges
On-board pumps
Reference Max flow rate Max height Clearance Power consumption (dredging unit) Power consumption (barge) Dimensions
Barge de curage et dévasage DRP 18
Barge DRP 18
150 m³/h 24 m 25 mm 13 kW 11 kW L: 3.47 m
W: 2.82 m
H: 2.9 m
Barge de curage et dévasage DRP 120
Barge DRP 120
650 m³/h 52 m 60 mm 60-90 kW 22 kW L: 5.33 m
W: 4.35 m
H: 3.33 m


  • Radio connection for remote piloting of the barge: DRP 18 (100 m Max) and DRP 120 (150 m Max)
  • Remote control: start/stop the pump and jet-ring system, pump and barge movements, emergency stop, display with working depth and power consumption of the pump
  • On-board depth-measuring echo sounder with direct display
  • GPS positioning to map out pumping areas
  • WIFI network to access data directly from the bank
  • Moving the barge with electric winches
  • Reduced draft for operating in shallower water
  • Electric hoist to control the pump and measure working depth
  • Jet-ring circuit for mud destructuration
  • Dedicated cooling circuit for the dredging unit
  • Multifunctional rotating light to display actions
  • On-board camera


Fitted with a wide range of accessories, our barges are adapted to the desired need and application.
Due to their remote control system, you will benefit from a secure workspace to undertake pumping operations in risky sectors: industrial, chemical, mining.

We offer 2 solutions for you:

  • Turnkey: we deliver the barge to you then provide its operation with a Delta Service Location engineer trained in its usage
  • Rental: we deliver the barge to you and supervise you in operating it, training you in its usage
Barge dragflow DRP 18