Vue panoramique de 166 pointes filtrantes avec linéaires de collecteur d'aspiration et pompes à piston

Wellpoints for Holding Tank

Dewatering by wellpoints for the construction of a rainwater holding tank


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Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse (40)
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  • To build a rainwater holding tank under the extension of a building, the customer requested lowering the water table in the sandy ground with layers of clay.
  • More appropriate for this type of soil, the dewatering by wellpoints technique will be used.
  • Area to dewater: 2500 m²


  • Lowering the water table with wellpoints
  • Supervision of the customer and developer
  • Technical monitoring of the progress of the project
  • Management of authorisations under the law on water
  • Height to lower: 1.15 m
  • Hydraulic drilling mast for installation of the points
  • Complete pumping installation:
    • 3 piston pumps + 1 back-up generator
    • 166 wellpoints and 240 linear metres of vacuum collector
    • 200 metres of riser pipes + decantation vat
  • Remote monitoring of pumping by flow meter, with on-call service and periodical maintenance visits
  • Duration: 5 months
Mat de forage hydraulique qui fore un trou pour les pointes filtrantes
Pointes filtrantes
Pompe à piston avec pointes filtrantes raccordées
Pointes filtrantes