3150 kVA transformers

Transformer Hire

Transformers and substations to meet all your low voltage and high voltage requirements (LV/HVA)


As customer satisfaction is our priority, we regularly invest in providing up-to-date, reliable and high performance models to provide you with the most appropriate equipment for your requirements.

In addition to your temporary electrical installations (with generators), autotransformers and isolating transformers enable the electrical signal to be transformed. They operate at low voltage (LV/LV) from 115 V to 690 V tetrapolar, or in High Voltage A (HVA/LV) from 4 700 V to 26 000 V 50/60 Hz in tripolar or tetrapolar.

Our engineers trained and authorised to LV/HVA are entrusted with their installation, depending on the facility intended.

Transformer hire from Delta Service Location means rental at clear and competitive rates.

3150 kVA transformers

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Transformer Hire

Low Voltage Transformers (LV)
High Voltage Transformers (HVA)
Power Primary Voltage Secondary Voltage Frequency Dimensions Weight
Transformateurs 1 à 5 kVA
transformers 1 to 5 kVA
400 V 115 V - 230 V 50 Hz depending on model depending on model
Transformateurs 50 à 630 kVA
transformers 50 to 630 kVA
400 V - 440 V 230 V - 400 V - 600 V - 690 V 50/60 Hz depending on model depending on model
Transformateur 1000 kVA
autotransformer 1 000 kVA
400 V 500 V - 690 V 50/60 Hz L: 2.5 m
W: 2.5 m
H: 2.5 m
2 700 kg
Our commitments
Our Benefits
The Benefits of Delta Service Location


  • HVA circuit breakers SM6
  • Circuit breaker switch LV
  • SEPAM type protection relay
  • Homopolar protection
  • Locking by keyways
  • Compliant with standards NF C15-100, NF C13-100 and NF C13-200



  • Containers secured to IP4X standards
  • Body rescue hook, non-contact voltage tester 3.5 kV to 30 kV, gloves and stool
  • HVA fuse-holder rack
  • Autonomous security lighting blocks and anti-panic door
  • Retention vat with automatic extinguishing for oil models

*depending on model