Seconde centrale d'énergie de 2MVA

Load Takeover Connection to the Mains

Power supply to the electrical HVA mains in load takeover connection during works.


Project Type :

Temporary Energy

Location :

Mittlach / Le Gaschney (68)
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  • The customer undertook work to secure their mains in the context of the Climate Change Plan
  • To do this, they had to stop the source substation supplying aerials (network points) of Mittlach and Le Gaschney
  • ENEDIS wanted a solution:
    • to supply their network of 20 000 V and avoid any power cut for its users
    • to protect the mains while it was being supplied


Delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of two energy plants of 2 MVA in load takeover connection in HVA:

  • Remote control and operation of energy plants via the Internet:
    • Taking charge of the instrumentation and control system
    • Monitoring mechanical and electrical parameters
    • Operating history
    • Monitoring the energy produced
    • Geolocation
  • Duration: 5 days of operation
Centrale d'énergie 2 MVA
2 techniciens
Centrale d'énergie 2 MVA en bord de route
Schéma de suivi des paramètres mécaniques et électriques