Micro centrale 20 kV en bord de route

Micro Plant 20 KV

Power supply to the HVA electrical mains with a 20 kV micro plant


Project Type :

Temporary Energy

Location :

Ribeauvillé (68)
Logo entreprise Enedis


  • The customer had to undertake pruning work downstream of an HVA line to secure their mains
  • To do this, they had to stop the source substation supplying an aerial (network point)
  • ENEDIS wanted a solution to supply their network at 20 000 V and avoid any power cut for its users
  • The feasibility study had to take into account a tight installation site on the edge of the road


  • Mains protection provided by a neutral point coil and realisation of a grounding circuit
  • Continuous energy production over 8 hours
  • Duration: 1 day of operation
Cuve à carburant branché au groupe électrogène et un transformateur
groupe électrogène 500 kVA avec un transformateur HTA 2000 kVA et une cuve à carburant 3000 litres
Micro centrale 20 kV en bord de route
Technicien qui branche