Radeau biplace avec 2 pompe submersibles électriques

Supply to an Irrigation System

Supply to an irrigation system to meet significant requirements of farmers in period of exceptional drought


Project Type :

Pumping Solutions

Location :

Canal de Jonage – Meyzieu (69)
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  • Faced with restrictions imposed by the prefecture in terms of sampling water in the water table of the wellfield area of Jonage, and considering the significant needs of farmers in the period of exceptional drought, we were asked to draw water in the Rhône to direct it 6 km further and at a geometric height of 35 metres
  • The flow rate requested is of the order of 1000 m³/h


  • Installation of a twin raft with 2 dewatering pumps of 54 kW (960 m³/h) in the Jonage canal. These 2 twin pumps supplied a 110 kW surface pump (2 232 m³/h) controlled by speed regulator cabinet
  • Power supplied by a 500 kVA generator + 2 tanks of 3000 litres with buffer tank
  • The riser pipe already in place comprised 6 km of cast iron piping of nominal diameter 1000
  • Pumped flow rate: 1200 m³/h
  • Total Dynamic Head: 38 metres
Radeau biplace
Pompe de surface électrique