Secours alimentation eau potable Lyon

Securing the Drinking Water Supply in Lyon

Installation of a provisional pumping station to secure the drinking water supply for the Métropole de Lyon


Project Type :

Pumping Solutions

Location :

Lac des Eaux Bleues - Grand Parc - Miribel Jonage (69)
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  • The drinking water of the Métropole de Lyon is supplied by several abstraction points. If there is a crisis with the main resource, the Métropole may turn to the back-up factory of La Pape, the abstraction for which is situated on the banks of the Eaux Bleues lake.
  • Since the late 90s, this lake has been plagued with a major growth of algae and vegetation generating eutrophication at the water extraction point. However, studies reveal that the water abstracted far from the edge has more suitable properties.
  • So the customer asked us todesign and scale a solution to pump the water to the middle of the lake, at 900 m from the current abstraction point, with a flow rate of 4000 m3/h to supply the La Pape factory.


  • Installation of the provisional pumping station + supply:
    • 4 submersible pumps of 54 kW (1000 m³/h – 3.5 bars) on rafts
    • A floating pontoon to support the gates and valves
    • 1 speed regulator container for 6 pumps
    • 32 anchors to stabilise conduit while floating
    • 2 generators of 500 kVA (1 back-up)
  • Installation of 900 metres of PE thermo-weldable conduit in Ø 900 mm:
    • Creation of a suction feeder and a bespoke delivery head
    • Mirror welding of the channelling in place and floating it
matériels électriques qui alimentent la station de pompage provisoire
Installation de la tête de refoulement
Manutention de la tête de refoulement
Vue rapprochée de la conduite
Vue panoramique