Tunnel ferroviaire

Railway Tunnel

Electrical security of the supply to the containment air charge compressors


Project Type :

Temporary Energy

Location :

Lucerne (Switzerland)
Logo entreprise Implenia


  • Realisation of a tunnel for a railway line with an impact header tunneller and containment by compressed air
  • Ensuring the security of the electricity supply to the air compressors


  • Installation, commissioning and tests conducted by our engineers
  • Commissioning 2 back-up generators of 1100 kVA / 400 V / 50 Hz: back-up automatic starting on ATS
  • Connection of 3200 A automatic transfer switches
  • Generator connection – ATS – compressors: LV cables H07RNF 240² terminated at each end – 400 m
  • Commissioning additional tanks of 3000 litres (in accordance with ADR regulation)
  • Dry-run operational testing
  • Removal of the installation at the end of the site
  • Duration: 18 months