Pompage dans la Durance

Pumping into the Durance

Supply to irrigation channels while overhauling the diversion channel of the Durance


Project Type :

Pumping Solutions

Location :

Pertuis (84) and Peyrolles (13)
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  • While overhauling the gates of the Canal de Jouques, ensuring hydraulic power supply of 2 irrigation channels
  • Electrical supply ensuring continuous functioning
  • Maximum flow of 2400 l/s secured by equipment redundancy


Supply and commissioning of all the pump units with a total power of 1400 kW with their electrical power supply over 2 sites::

  • 6 generators: 1800 kVA in 24/7 production & 900 kVA back-up
  • 1600 m of cable H07RNF
  • 4 automatic transfer switches 800 A
  • 23 dirty water pumps of 1000 m³/h on 13 floatation rafts 2 of which are back-up pumps
  • Installation of a fuel reserve of 10 000 litres for each site, secured by redundant power supplies of several tanks connected to a buffer tank
  • Management of provisions of fuel on site
  • Remote monitoring by mobile phone with permanent on-call service
  • Duration: 28 days