Pompes 1000 m

Prunelli Reserve Bypass

Supply of the drinking water network by pumping during basin rehabilitation work


Project Type :

Pumping Solutions

Location :

Ocana (2A)
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  • In the context of rehabilitation of the Bassin du Prunelli, the customer had to maintain the supply of drinking water of the Bassin Ajaccien and agricultural water for the valleys of Prunelli and La Gravona throughout the duration of works
  • Considering the difficulty of accessing the pumping point, carrying pumping assemblies (pumps + rafts) into the river by helicopter


  • Installing a provisional pumping facility with automatic operation depending on the water level of the supply conduit
  • Supply, installation, commissioning of a pumping solution of 2 000 m³/h:
    • 2 pumps of 1000 m³/h on rafts
    • 2 leader lines of 400 metres of Ø 250 mm
    • 2 generators of 100 kVA in twin
    • 1 tank of fuel 3 000 L
    • Automatic transfer switch cabinet, speed regulator cabinets, distribution cabinets and mobile telephony remote monitoring cabinet
  • Control of the facility by radio information (piezometric sensor)
  • Remote monitoring of the pumping facility by web application
  • On-call service 24/7
  • Fuel management
  • Duration: 6 months of operation
Pompe sur radeau transportée par hélicoptère
Un technicien Delta Service Location accrochant la pompe sur radeau à la terre ferme
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