Réseau d'exhaure monté sur échafaudage en bord de route

Lowering the Water Table in an Urban Area

Lowering the water table in an urban area, with disposal in the Saône through a dewatering network of 2×400 m


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Lyon (69)
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  • To construct CAPEB’s new offices, the customer requested lowering the water table in a wall of the type concrete lagging wall in an urban area
  • The water pumped will be forwarded by a dewatering network of 2 x 400 metres, under the highway and on scaffolding, before being decanted and disposed of in the Saône
  • Area: 500 m²


  • Complete engineering of lowering the water table by deep wells
  • Height to lower: 0.85 m
  • Definition and realisation of pumping wells: 3 wells of 11 m
  • Design of a bespoke feeder
  • Complete pumping installation:
    • 3 pumps for a total flow rate of 500 m³/h
    • Dewatering network: 2 x 400 m conduits of 250 mm nominal diameter under the highway and on scaffolding
    • 2 decantation vats before disposal into the Saône
  • Remote monitoring of pumping with permanent on-call service
  • Duration: 75 days
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Réseau d'exhaure sur échafaudage en bord de route
Réseau d'exhaure sur échafaudage
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