Centrale d'énergie 12 Mégawatt

Emergency installation of a energy plant

Installation of a 12 MVA high voltage energy plant to substitute the turbo-alternator of a factory


Project Type :

Temporary Energy

Crisis management

Location :

Origny-Sainte-Benoite (02)


  • At the start of the beet processing, the customer asks us to substitute the turbo-generator by means of a 12 MVA high voltage energy plant


  • Installation and commissioning of a 12 MVA energy plant in less than 3 days, from the customer’s call
  • Equipment deployed for the energy plant :
    • 1 C13100 container with a homopolar generator
    • 3 250 m of LV cables 240 mm² + 175 m of HV cables 180 mm²
    • 2 tankers of 38 000 L of fuel on retention sheet
  • 1 generator operator present on site 24 hours a day for the entire transaction
  • Duration: 4 months
Centrale d'énergie 12 MW et véhicule d'intervention DSL
Groupes électrogènes 1250 kVA
Raccordement du transformateur par 2 techniciens Delta Service Location
Technicien Delta Service Location qui raccorde les câbles sur le transformateur
Centrale d'énergie installée devant une usine