Pompe à piston et groupe électrogène

Driving Channelling

Lowering the water table by wellpoints for driving channelling


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Saint-Geours-d’Auribat (40)
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  • Installation of gas channelling on behalf of TIGF (France Gas Infrastructure Transport) needed to pass under a major road. The section concerned had to be installed by driving.
  • To do this, the customer had to create a firing chamber of 10.5 x 5.5 m. The presence of the water table blocked the progress of the earthworks. Emptying the trench and keeping it dry were required.


  • Considering the soil composition (clay sand and clay) and its low permeability, lowering of the water table by wellpoints was selected.
  • Complete installation of pumping gear: piston pump, wellpoints, dewatering network with decantation vat, autonomous power supply by generator.
  • Remote monitoringof the installation to alert the customer’s on-call service
  • Duration: 1 month
Installation des pointes filtrantes par techniciens Delta Service Location
Installation du matériels de pompage et groupe électrogène
Pointes filtrantes installées