By-pass du canal d'alimentation d'une STEP

Bypassing the Supply Channel of a WWTP

Installation of a provisional pumping station to by-pass a supply channel of a Wastewater Treatment Plant


Project Type :

Pumping Solutions

Location :

Aiguerelles stormwater tank - Montpellier (34)
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  • In the context of the modernisation project of the MAERA wastewater treatment plant, the client needed a provisional pumping station to bypass the main supply channel of the WWTP


  • Bypass of 1440 to 3600 m³/h managed automatically by piezometric sensors
  • Design, scaling, preparation, transport, handling, installation in urban environment, commissioning, tests, customer assistance, periodical inspections and removal of equipment.
  • Bespoke container with 3 speed regulator cabinets 110-160 kW, 1 speed regulator cabinet 20-55 kW, 2 redundant level cabinets, 1 distribution cabinet, remote monitoring cabinets
  • 1 submersible sewage pump of 45 kW and 3 pumps of 110 kW
  • 4×50 m of pipes Ø 250 installed in confined environment by a diving company
  • HDPE collector Ø 800 over 240 m
  • Creation of a bespoke feeder Ø 800
  • Pumping monitoring by NETBITER
  • Duration: 3 months
Vue d'ensemble du by-pass
2 techniciens DSL installant le matériel de pompage
Collecteur en PEHD DN 800 sur 240 mètres
Nourrice sur-mesure DN 800
Container sur-mesure avec 1 pompe submersible d'assainissement
Station de pompage vue de dessus