By-pass vis de relevage amont station d'épuration

Bypassing Raising Screw Upstream of Wastewater Treatment Plant

Installation and control of a provisional pumping station to by-pass upstream raising screws for a wastewater treatment plant


Project Type :

Pumping Solutions

Location :

La Wantzenau (67)
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  • To undertake the civil engineering works for a conduit between the upstream raising and the medium grilles of the wastewater treatment plant, the customer has asked us to install and control a provisional pumping station enabling the function of the upstream raising of the WWTP to be ensured.


  • Supply, installation and commissioning of a provisional pumping installation of 20 000 m³/h (5.5 m³/s):
  • Automatic control of pumps (start/stop cabinets, speed regulator cabinets)
  • Web monitoring (operation of generators, operation of pumps, flow rates pumped, alarms, on-call service)
  • 1 site manager + 4 engineers
  • Duration: 7 months
800 mètres de tuyaux de refoulement en DN 400
Tuyaux de refoulement DN 400
2 pompes de surface d'assainissement H12K
8 pompes submersibles H12K installées dans l'eau
Pompes submersibles d’assainissement H12K