12 pompes 1000 m³/h

Bypassing a Watercourse

Bypassing a watercourse and drying the site to install channelling


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Pumping Solutions

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  • EIFFAGE undertook the installation of a gas pipeline which had to pass under the bed of the Lac du Gabas
  • To do this, it was necessary to divert the watercourse over 100 metres for the duration of works, and lower the water table in the dry bed


Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a pumping solution of 15 000 m³/h:

  • 12 dewatering pumps of 1000 m³/h for bypassing a watercourse
  • 3 pumps of 1000 m³/h at the bottom of the trench
  • 4 leader lines of 170 metres of Ø 400 mm
  • 3 generators of 500 kVA with back-up
  • 3 tanks of fuel totalling 9 000 L
  • Progressive start cabinets, distribution cabinets and mobile telephony remote monitoring cabinet
  • Presence of a DSL engineer on site throughout the whole operation
  • Remote monitoring and on-call service 24/7
  • Duration: 20 days of operation