Collecteur intercommunal et station de pompage provisoire

Bypassing a Wastewater Collector

Bypassing a wastewater collector over 510 metres in an urban area


Project Type :

Pumping Solutions

Location :

Savigny-sur-Orge (91)
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  • The customer was undertaking rehabilitation of the duplicate intercommunal collector (DIC Ø 1800).
  • During the period of works, they wanted to divert the entire flow over 510 metres due to bypassing a collector.
  • The flows increase massively when it rains, going from 1 m³/s to 2 m³/s.
  • A provisional pumping station was required, operating 24 hours a day, able to adapt to sudden variations in flow due to the weather.


  • Installation of a provisional pumping facility functioning automatically.
  • Supply, installation, commissioning of a pumping solution of 7 200 m³/h:
    • 8 wastewater submersible pumps (5 x 44 kW, 2 x 90 kW, 1 x 120 kW) + 1 back-up
    • Motorised screen rake upstream of the facility
    • 510 metres of rigid pipes Ø 800 mm of thermo-welded HDPE
    • 1 additional production generator + 2 back-up
    • 3 fuel tanks 3 000 L
    • Cabinets for starting, inverter, distribution, levelling, mobile telephony transmission and Doppler flow meters
  • Mirror welding on the riser pipe in situ, installation and floatation.
  • Level regulation by piezometric sensors.
  • Control and monitoring of the installation remotely by web application.
  • On-call service 24/7
  • Duration: 6 months of operation
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